Especially now, it is so important to live by strong morals regarding the environment. Pamplemousse stands by morals like these by using second-hand fabric for our apparel. Also, we try to use the best quality materials when crafting our products and put time into each product for the best quality. 

Since the fabric we use is all second hand, a lot of the time there is only a small amount of each pattern, making a limited amount of each product, or even each product one of a kind. 

We also aim to use exclusively paper packaging. Which means no excess plastic when purchasing a product from the Pamplemousse website.


For a more detailed look at our process of manufacturing, see below– 



To Pamplemousse, manufacturing is a long process. Only because each step is done with the utmost of care for the earth, and for the product, in order to ensure quality:


1) Buying the fabric; each piece of material is carefully selected secondhand fabric. By buying existing material we are giving a used piece of fabric a new purpose, and feeding into a more sustainable cycle of manufacturing. 

2) Washing and preparation; after buying all the fabric it is watched and laid out to be cut. 

3) Cutting of pattern; each piece of fabric is then divided and pinned into each section of the hat pattern, and cut by hand.

4) Sewing; once everything has been cut, each pattern piece is sewn together until completion. During this process, the tag is added into the hat pattern. At this point the product is finished, and ready shipped off to you.


***Keep in mind this means that along with shipping time, please give us 3-7 days to get your piece ready for you.***