Hand-made from second hand fabric. 


Our Buckets are best worn in the Fall, Spring and into the Summer. 


The Black Bucket Hat is a dark, bold accessory. Made in both adult and children's sizes. 


Like all the material for our hats, this thick black Cotton Twill fabric is bought second hand. This means that the fabric has been pre-loved or pre-owned, and we are giving it an opportunity to lengthen it's life, and postpone it's time sitting in a landfill. This also means, however, that we only get a limited amount of each fabric, and once the Black Bucket Hat is sold out, we will not be able to re-stock! 

Black Bucket Hat



(in inches)


(in cm)

US Size- UK Size-

21 1/8"-

21 1/2"

54-55 cm

6 3/4-

6 7/8

6 5/8- 

6 3/4


22 5/8"-


58-59 cm

7 1/4-

7 3/8

7 1/8-

7 1/4