At Pamplemousse we pride ourselves for being a small, sustainable business. For us, that means being mindful of the impact of our every day practices as a brand, and the negative impacts of the fashion industry, and making constant changes to improve.


One of the biggest downfalls of the fashion industry is textile waste. Big fast fashion brands focus on staying updated with new trends, which means they often produce more clothing than they can sell in a season. Some of these brands even refuse to sell/donate these outdated products which means they get incinerated. 


To do our part in helping to diminish textile waste, we decided from the beginning of Pamplemousse, that we would always used second hand fabric for our sewn garments. This means all Bucket Hats, Berets, Sun Hats and Face Masks are made with pre-loved fabric, bought or donated for Pamplemousse that would otherwise have gone in the landfill. We are also very mindful of our own fabric waste, and try to use as much of it as possible, only throwing fabric away when it couldn't possibly be used for something else. 

We are also mindful of plastic waste. We ship all our orders in recyclable and/or recycled paper packaging, with a limited amount of additional plastic or paper tissue, etc. And while creating your orders, we try to store all our garments, needles, thread, beads, and other bits and bobs in reusable containers, rather than plastic bags or single use containers.

Though we try our best, we are always learning. If you have any suggestions on how to make our business more eco-friendly and sustainable, please email us at or dm us on Instagram at @shop.pamplemousse! We look forward to hearing your feedback and together, paving our way for a greener future!